Benefits-Second Party Audits-ISO PROS #34

Benefits of Second Party Audits

Why would anyone want to conduct a Second Party Audit? 

There are more reasons to do it than not doing it. You just need to grow familiar with the concept and the purpose of this audit. To begin with, we are sure you are familiar with them already if you are trying to conduct them for other people. But if you are still wondering about the benefits and if it is a good investment to be the organization or auditor for dozens or even hundreds of clients, the answer is “yes” without a doubt.

Now, your questions and doubts about the pros of this audit can also go to another direction. Such as wondering if your company—if it ever needs it—will gain something from conducting it as well. And here is when you need to remember something: A Second Party Audit can be conducted by yourself. 

It isn’t necessary nor exclusive for this type of auditing process to be for a company or organization. Clients and customers can decide to plan and manage the entire process themselves if they feel capable of doing it, or if they are certified and prepared for it. Now, based on this information and aspects let’s go back to the main question: what are the benefits? 

Well, the benefits apply for both cases: 

  • If it is conducted for you on behalf of a customer. 
  • Or if the customer—or you, if applies—conducts it. 

After all, the goal is the same and there is no difference when it comes to the results you will obtain from it. 

What is the most relevant benefit during this process?

Verify is the suppliers can meet the clients’ requirements and needs. The problem when we want to buy a product or hire service is that we aren’t sure if the company providing it is not only reliable but also capable of delivering what it promises. This is a daily problem for any person in the world but for companies and businesses that have to deal with the process of buying products or hiring services periodically, the importance of knowing if the supplier is the right one increases a lot. 

When conducting a Second Party Audit, you can determine if the services and products the supplier provides are what you or the customer are looking for. Some clients you will receive and help with this aren’t trying to confirm this but rather evaluate the level and capability of the supplier to even exceed their expectations. Therefore, you will find yourself in several different cases and situations. 

For example, a client will always reach out to you and ask you to conduct an audit on his or her behalf. In this way, he or she will know if the product, service, or company is what is looking for. On the other hand, you can also receive clients that are trying to evaluate the company they have been working with for months or even years. 

Why? To determine if they need someone else or if the current supplier can still meet or exceed their needs and requirements. Keep in mind that suppliers have a hard time trying to always exceed themselves by improving the services and products they provide. And this is because clients or customers you will help are looking for exactly the same. 


What you must know about

Moving onto other benefits you—as the company providing Second Party Audits or in need of one—must know, we can find the ability to prevent and manage risks. When someone accesses a product or service, there is always some degree of risk that can’t be eliminated or erased. Why? Because it is inevitable whenever you resort or reach out to an outsourced company to provide you with them.

And even if you were efficient enough and handle everything you need without anyone’s help, there is always a certain level of risk. However, if we focus on the level when it comes to outsourcing products and services, it can’t be compared. Therefore, customers need to have some sort of control over this percentage of risk to have confidence about what they are buying and hiring.

When you know exactly what you are accessing, you can control anything even when it isn’t in your hands. This is why people decide to conduct Second Party Audits on their suppliers and why you should do it as well. As you can see and understand so far, the benefits of this auditing process relay on being sure about what is being bought or hired.

No one wants to waste not only money but also time with the wrong supplier when it will entail a lot of work later on. After all, finding the perfect supplier isn’t simple either, and you can’t just go for the first one on the list or the Internet when you do your research. Knowing all this, you can start to work on your company and the focus you want for the audits you will provide.

And we can help you with this and more.

At ISO Pros, we have two options for you that include many others inside: 

  • We can conduct a Second Party Audit for you if you request our auditing service. 
  • Or we can help you to implement all the standards and meet the requirements established in ISOs as well for your company to conduct them correctly. 

Whatever it is, don’t hesitate to contact us and get more information about Second Party Audits. We can also help you to keep your ISO needs in check and help you to determine what your clients expect from you. Let’s not forget about the certification we provide. 

Besides ISO 9001, you have to get certified in other standards we will support you with. In this way, you will be completely certified in Second Party Audits. For more information about this, you can contact us or visit the rest of the sections on our website when you can find more details.