What is-Second Party Audits-ISO PROS #34

What Is Second Party Audits?

You must be familiar with the internal audits you have to conduct in your company for several goals:

  1. Determine the degree of conformance of your company with the standards you have implemented and if there are nonconformities.
  2. Identify if the processes and systems of your company are meeting specific requirements.
  3. Define how you can improve your operations and processes.

Now, this is what happens when it comes to internal audits and even third-party ones. But if you are reading this right now, it means you are trying to find the answer to the main question: what is a second party audit? Well, this type of audit focused on reviewing or auditing a product or service for a customer or client that employs a company—in this case, you—to do it on his or her behalf.

But, why would someone need a company or qualified auditor to conduct such an audit? When a company or particular is considering buying a product or hire service from a company, it needs to determine if the supplier can meet the requirements and expectations.

For this, it is necessary to go through all the process of studying the supplier and its capability of delivering what it promises.

After all, every company is subject to following and meeting certain standards from either ISOs or the ones established in the contract with the client. If you want a clear example of why would someone look for you to conduct one, here it is. Imagine that you are the one who needs the auditing process for a supplier, why would you need it?

The first reason is that many companies and businesses are promising you the same: high-quality products or services. When you ask a business, it will always tell you it is perfect for what you are looking for and that you should choose it before anyone else. But can it actually provide it or can you determine if it will meet what it promises among the other requirements established?

You can know it when conducting a Second Party Audit. In this way, you will be able to decide if you want to hire the service or buy the product the supplier is offering you based on the information and results you will obtain from the audit.

How can you conduct a Second Party Audit?

If you are the company interested in providing it and expecting clients to reach out to you to do it for them, you have to deal with several aspects. The first one of them includes a standard that every company or particular in the audit world needs to meet: ISO 9001. This standard is only for internal and external audits—where the second-party one classified as an external audit. 

Here, you will find not only the requirements you have met as the company providing it but also, learn how you can plan, conduct, and manage an audit program correctly. After all, no one knows without information and training oneself what needs to be done in order to obtain the desired results through an audit. Do you know it? Because that would be awesome! 

However, even if you know how to do it already, you still need to consider ISO 9001 so you and your company can get certified. This certification will show companies and clients that you are able to conduct one without problems and you have met all the established requirements in the normative. Of course, several standards are involved in Second Party Audits in specific and not only the previous one. 

So, if you are thinking that you have a lot of work to do and maybe you will need help with it, you are not wrong. For needs like this, we decided to create our company ISO Pros. We support and assist companies and businesses to implement all the ISO standards related to Second Party Audits and provide them all the information about what needs to be done for auditing on behalf of other people.


Is it always necessary for people to carry out Second Party Audits?

Not always, after all, it is completely optional and a decision the client needs to make. Everyone can buy a product or access a service without conducting an audit and go through all the trouble of doing so. However, if we had to think about a situation when it is always necessary, we would have to mention large deals and important contracts.

Actually, you will notice that most people who decide to conduct one is because there is a lot to risk in the contract they are about to sign with the supplier. And this is because it involves large amounts of products, an important and required service, or large sums of money. Therefore, the person who will contact you when this applies needs something in specific: a reliable and qualified company that can help him or her to determine if the supplier meets all the requirements and expectations.

This doesn’t leave behind or out particulars and people in specific that require to conduct it.

After all, everyone could require one, including you as a company. If you find yourself in a situation like the ones your customers and clients will come with over and over again, make sure to contact us. Our company is specialized in ISOs but also, we are validated and qualified to conduct Second Party Audits.

You will notice this by having a look at all the services we provide to you and anyone in need. Therefore, keep in mind that with us, you can get certified, obtain support to implement ISO standards in Second Party Audits, or access auditing services or options. And there is more we have for you.

Want to know more about the benefits or characteristics of the audit you are about to offer? You can visit the rest of our website or contact us to ask all your questions, let our experts know your doubts, and inquiry about anything.